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Risk & Compliance

Technology & Consulting

Are the Apps HIPAA Compliant?

A- Yes, all our apps are fully HIPAA Compliant.

What kind of connectivity do I need to use the apps?

You need either a 3G/4G service or Wifi service.

How do I get an account established?

To use the App, you will need your institution to register with Csymplicity Software Solutions. Please use the following link to send us a request: Contact

With which devices can I use these Apps?

The Apps are designed to function best with Android and iOS devices.

Which version of Android OS do I need?

You need, at a minimum, Android 4.2.2 or later.

Which version of iOS do I need?

You need, at a minimum, iOS 6 or later.

Can I use these Apps with my iPad?

No. The Apps are designed for smartphones. If your organization would prefer an App to function with iPads, we can design one for you. Please contact us: Contact

I am not getting Push Notifications. Can you help?

Please turn Push Notifications on in your System Preferences.

I cannot log on to the App. Can you help?

Make sure you have 3G/4G service or connect to Wifi service

I lost my password. How do I reset it?

A link is provided on your sign in page. Please follow the link within the App.

These Apps are not quite what I need. Can you customize one for me?

Yes! We are happy to design the App that suites all your needs. Please contact us at your convenience: Contact

I would like to learn more about Csymplicity Software Solutions. How can I contact you?

Please complete our contact form and we will contact you to discuss all your needs:Contact Or please call us at 484-876-1975

COVID-19 Task Force

Andrew Krantz

Real Estate Practice Leader



Stephen DeMatteo

Managing Director, P&C



Kevin Marbury

Construction Practice Leader



Neil Valsangkar

Director, Claims & Risk Mgmt


Ann Lazzarino

Group Benefits Practice Leader



Carl Schmid

Personal Practice Leader


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